The Journey Begins

This stock photo will soon be replaced by something more personal but less astounding.

Thanks for joining me!  It seems like a good idea to share a little about me and about this site.  So if you want to know what this is all about, please keep reading!

I have worked in education for the last 15 years, primarily in college access and college success.  I’ve seen countless students struggle with success not because they aren’t academically able to be successful but because they have not figured out how to manage their stress and their experiences with trauma.

Throughout the years of my career, there have been a few constants, the most relevant here being: 1. I have a 15-year-old daughter who needs a stable environment and because her dad and I are divorced, she needs proximity to her dad and her half-sister, 2. I have always loved to travel and to learn languages, 3. I’ve been doing yoga regularly for 21 years, and 4. I want to spend my life doing things to make other people’s lives better.

As my stress level increased, I developed a very regular yoga practice, doing about 10-20 minutes every morning and longer sessions on the weekends or sometimes in the evenings.  I thought about being a yoga teacher many times over the years but for one reason or another, never pursued it.  Well, this time around, I had the thought and I pursued the thought.  I started working with a personal coach, the amazing Crystal Pirri, who encouraged me to pay attention to the things that make me feel excited and free and to recognize the things that make me feel drained and trapped.  Through her encouragement, I began to see the many possibilities that a yogic path could open up for me.  I started talking to my mom about some of those possibilities and the idea of starting an organization that would leverage yoga to help people heal from trauma was born.  My mom is an energy psychologist who practices something called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, more commonly referred to as “tapping”.  We decided that together we would offer retreats to people who are trying to heal from trauma.  We would combine her tapping with my yoga and given our mutual love of traveling and of being of service to others, we would do this all over the world.

I’m in the initial stages of this process.  I’ve been accepted into the Yoga Teacher’s College in Barcelona, Spain.  I start that program in just a few short weeks, and I cannot wait!!  I will also attend training on trauma-informed yoga.

I hope that eventually, this site will be home to a story of triumph and healing around the world through the dynamic practice of yoga.  It has meant so much to me in my life, I hope that I can share some of yoga’s healing potential with those who most need it.

Please stick with me as I build this site, this organization, and this international community.  You’ll find here blogs, podcasts, events, and eventually some gear and great products.



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